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L. C. L. May 19, 2018

By May 19, 2018HeritageRail News

The Golden Gate Railroad Museum is ready to move from its temporary home at the Niles Canyon Railroad to a new site in Schellville, CA. A 3-track yard has been laid. Their rolling stock has been serviced and made into a hospital train for the move, which is probable in June.

The Schellville site.

GGRM rolling stock ready to move at Sunol.

The Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society has acquired both of the ex-British Columbia Electric interurbans that previously ran on Vancouver’s¬†Downtown Historic Railway. The first was #1207 in 2015. It was followed in November 2017 by #1231, pictured here. The Society now owns four of the seven surviving BCER interurbans, and operates them on three miles of the original BCER.

Whitewater Valley Railroad has recovered from a series of washouts that required the dumping of 74 carloads of rock to repair the main line between Rushville and Metamora. For now, the shuttle service east from Metamora is canceled until other washouts can be fixed.

The Log Train newsletter reports that Clark’s Trading Post in New Hampshire has cosmetically restored a 2-truck Heisler built in 1929 for International Shoe Company’s tannery in Marlinton, West Virginia. Clark’s acquired the engine in 1958 and ran it as their #4. The boiler has been condemned, so it will be a display from now on.

Shrinking public school budgets have reduced the number of field trips to museums, including railway museums. In the last decade Nevada State Museums have experienced a double-digit decline in student visits. The State of Nevada is trying to reverse that by appropriating $250,000 per year in 2018-2019 for field trip bus transportation to the seven State Museums. The result is that 5000 students from 64 schools will travel to Nevada State Railroad Museum in 2018.

Illinois Railway Museum has completed the restoration of Baltimore & Ohio wagon top boxcar 374065 (B&O shops 1922).

The Ontario Electric Railway Association, operator of the Halton County Radial Railway, has received two major financial bequests. The Don McCarthy estate donated $550,000. The estate of Charles H. Matthews gifted $1,776,000.


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