Adirondack Scenic Railroad
New shop building

$900,000 funding secured. 

Alberni Valley Heritage Network
Shay 2


Alberni Valley Heritage Network
2-6-2ST 12


Alberta Railway Museum
Canadian National outside braced boxcar 509893
Alberta boxcar

The car is being re-sided.

Alberta Railway Museum
Canadian National wood refrigerator car 46230


Alberta Railway Museum
Canadian National F3 9000


Alberta Railway Museum
Alberta & Great Western wood combine 17106


American Steam Railroad
Reading 4-8-4 2100


Arizona Railway Museum, then look for the latest newsletter

Southern Pacific horse car 7421

Formerly used as a machine shop

Astoria Railroad Preservation Assn.
Santa Maria Valley 2-8-2 21, click on Work Photos
SM 21


Austin Steam Train Association
Southern Pacific 2-8-2 786

Austin 786


Update as of 3/4/2016

Needless to say, many hours have been spent during the Spring in behind the scenes work in measuring and producing drawings for correct machining of the driving boxes.  A tip of the hat to our volunteers Greg Duepner and John Mandell who have been working with Strasburg to get this fairly complex task accomplished.

  • The trailing truck, now with the new bushing welded in, has been flipped to its normal position and painting is complete.
  • Trailing truck pivot has been aligned and tack welded into the support strap and will be attached to the frame with tapered bolts.
  • Essentially, all the wheel restoration work is complete.
  • Pilot retrieved from the parts pile, cleaned and primed.  Some welding work is required and then it will be finish painted and on display at the passenger platform until installed on the frame.
  • The main driving boxes are being machined at Strasburg using a vertical slotter with a rotary table.  The machinist is Andrea Biesecker, who graduated the top of her class and started to work for Strasburg when she was 21.  In addition to her machining talents, she has restored and shows her own steam traction engine! Once machined, the crown brass and babbeting will be added.
  • An Ohio foundry is recasting the other six driving boxes.  Once cast, Strasburg will machine them as well.
  • Remaining parts inventoried, springs and rigging laid out in the yard.
  • Appliances such as the turbine, power reverse, cold water pump for the feedwater heater, cross compound air pump, air jacks and air motors for the reamers have been lubricated and operated as part of our periodic maintenance program.
  • Periodic cleaning and coating the rods with a moisture resistant coating which has held up well considering all the rain we have received in the Spring months.
Austin Steam Train Assn.
Cedar Park concession car
Cedar Park

Work Completed as of 3/4/16

  • Acid washed exterior of car.  This returned the shiny luster to the stainless steel.
  • Painted trucks (wheel assemblies) silver.  This helps give the exterior of the car a more finished look.
  • Window glass is being installed.
  • Flooring arrived and has been installed.
  • Electrical cabinet has arrived and been installed.
  • Some wiring has been installed, the rest is currently being installed.
  • New light fixtures for the cars main are being designed. 
  • All interior walls have been painted.
  • Some plumbing has been installed.

B&O Railroad Museum
Baltimore & Ohio EA 51

12-26-16 Moved into restoration shop. Recent $150,000 grant for restoration.

Baltimore Streetcar Museum
Baltimore streetcar 1050


Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society
1887 Maine Central Bartlett, NH roundhouse


BC Forest Discovery Centre
Hillcrest Lumber Shay 1

Berkshire Scenic Railroad
One mile track extension into Adams.
$2.6 million grant secured. 2018 completion
Big South Fork Scenic
Kentucky & Tennessee 0-6-0 14

Bluegrass Railroad Museum
Seaboard System safety training car 



Boone & Scenic Valley
Chicago & North Western bi-level coach 7747

Boone bilevel


Boothbay Railway Village
S. D. Warren Paper Co. 0-4-0 2

Boothbay #2


California State Railroad Museum
Railroad Technology Museum

This is a long term project to occupy the site of the former Southern Pacific Sacramento Shops. The master plan and land use agreement have been completed.
California Trolley & Railroad Corp.
Southern Pacific 4-6-2 2479
Canadian Railway Historical Association, Esquimault & Nanaimo Division
Construct yard trackage along Alberni Pacific tracks and move collection 4 miles from Parksville to Coombs.
Grading begins. Turnouts and track sections donated by Catalyst Paper & Pulp.

Car 57
Denver, Texas & Fort Worth wood coach 57

Car 57

Car 57
UP caboose 2516
Cass Scenic
Middle Fork Climax 6 (now #9)
Cass Climax
The cab, coal bunker and water tank have been blasted and painted. The water tank has been remounted. The boiler will be test fit to the frame on April 25. (From
Central of Georgia Railway Historical Society
C of G 1925 flat car
Car has been moved to the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah and has been disassembled.

Colbrookdale Railroad
Construct Boyertown depot.

Construction underway. 2017 completion?

Colfax Railroad Museum
OmahaRoad RPO 305
Omaha 305

Exterior mostly complete. Roof and lettering to be done next. Interior incomplete.

Colorado RR Museum

Uintah combine
CR Unitah50


Colorado Railroad Museum
Rio Grande Southern 4-6-0 20


Connecticut Antique Machinery Assn.
Tionesta Valley caboose 111

In the final stages of restoration.

Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum
Central Vermont caboose 4052

Within their website the Ghost Train Journal newsletters are the best source of updates.

Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum
Rutland caboose 40


Connecticut Trolley Museum
Brooklyn Rapid Transit streetcar 169


Connecticut Trolley Museum
Boston Elevated PCC 3100

cosmetic restoration

Conrail Historical Society
Conrail caboose 21165


Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
Denver & Rio Grande 4-6-0 168
Rio Grande 168

Just announced that C&TS is acquiring 168, which has sat across from the Colorado Springs depot since 1933.

Danbury Railroad
1916 Danbury yard turntable


Danbury Railroad Museum
Model 30 1947 New York Central Burro crane

 $2000 grant just received from Amherst Railway Society

Dennison Railroad Depot Museum
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-4 2700

Cosmetic restoration

Dennison Railroad Depot Museum
Pullman car

Being converted to a bed and breakfast car

Durango Railroad Historical Society
Rio Grande reefer 39

We made good progress last year, reconstructing both reefer trucks with inside mounted brakes by converting standard freight car trucks. We still need to find ice hatch hardware. Based on our research, when Reefer 39 is restored, it will be the only fully restored 30-ft D&RGW reefer.

Durban & Greenbriar Valley
Buffalo Creek & Gauley 2-8-0 4


Durban & Greenbriar Valley
Rebuild 9 miles of abandoned track between Cass and Durbin


East Broad Top Preservation Assn.
EBT hopper car

Nov. 2015: Grant received from Daily Foundation.

Edmonton Radial Railway
Saskatoon sweeper 200
Saskatoon 200


Edmonton Radial Railway
Regina streetcar 42
Regina 42


Electric City Trolley Museum
Scranton streetcar 505

This is a major long term project. The car was initially complete, but deteriorated over the years and was disassembled. Big fundraising effort underway.
Electric City Trolley Museum
Third Avenue Ry. open car 651
 Body restoration complete.
Electric City Trolley Museum
Scranton streetcar 324
324 side shot reduced 20151119_150416-1
Body exterior restored. Trucks have been rebuilt.
Empire State Railway Museum
Build Phoenicia engine house 
201 completion.

Engine 557 Restoration Company
Alaska Railroad 2-8-0 557

For regular updates, go to

Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society
Erie diner 741

 exterior finished. need interior work.
Everett Railroad
Bessemer & Lake Erie combine 23
Fort Collins Municipal Railway
Fort Collins Birney streetcar 25

The car may be finished by 2019.

Fort Collins Municipal Railway
Car barn addition

Plans ave been completed and fund raising is underway to build an addition to house car 25 when it is complete in about 2019.

Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society
Nickel Plate SD9 358
1-4-17 Work has just begun.

Friends of the 261
Milwaukee Road business car Milwaukee

Exterior repainted 2014. Trucks changed out. heating and electrical changes will make car Amtrak compatible.
Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec
Rio Grande tank cars 11036, 11037 and 11050.
Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec
Cumbres car inspector’s house

Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec
Rio Grande 2-8-2 483 cosmetic restoration

Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec
Rio Grande wheel and tie car 06092
Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec
Idler flat 1515
Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec
Rio Grande long stock car 5995
Car requires complete rebuild to include all under car systems. 

Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec
Rio Grande water service car 04904


Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec
Rio Grande drop bottom gondola 787


Friends of the East Broad Top
Robertsdale Post Office and depot
Robertsdale PO

Friends of the East Broad Top
Shop building restorations
EBT shops
The lumber stock shed and the foundry were structurally unsound and have been shored up with new posts.  
Friends of the East Broad Top
EBT combine 16
EBT combine 16
 Clerestory repairs are underway, along with side windows. 

Golden Spike Chapter, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society
Rio Grande narrow gauge 2-8-0 223

Being restored at Ogden Union Station Museum

Greenwood (SC) Railroad Historical Center
Piedmont & Northern interurban 2101

 Restoration is about to begin. The car is intact, but without motors and controls.

Greenwood (SC) Railroad Historical Center
Erie sleeper American Liberty
Erie sleeper

Restoration begins soon. 

Greenwood (SC) Railroad Historical Center
Erie diner
Erie diner

Restoration begins soon.  

Halton County Radial Ry.
Toronto lightweight streetcar 416

Toronto 416


Halton County Radial Ry.
London & Port Stanley interurban 4


Halton County Radial Ry.
London & Port Stanley locomotive L-2

London & Port Stanley locomotive L-2.

London & Port Stanley locomotive L-2.



Hampton (VA) History Museum
Hampton and Newport News streetcar 390

Cosmetic restoration just beginning.

Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
Louisville & Nashville club car 3050 Alabama Club

Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum

Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum


Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
Missouri Pacific dome car 802

The exterior is finished, but the interior still needs work. 

Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
Georgia Marble 0-4-0T 3

Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum

Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum


Heber Valley
Union Pacific 2-8-0 618


 Projected return to service in 2016.

Heber Valley
Great Western 2-8-0 75
GW 75

Projected return to service in 2016.

Heritage Park–Calgary
Canadian Pacific steam crane 414328 (Bucyrus 1920)

Being returned to operation. New boiler being installed. Completion in 2017.
Hershey Derry Township Historical Society
Hershey Traction streetcar 7
Hershey #7
 Trucks arrive.

Hershey Derry Township Historical Society
Hersheypark miniature railway


Illinois Railway Museum
North Shore Line Electroliner

Restore the train’s interior and repair motors. Over $500,000 raised in the last two years. Trucks are all off site being rebuilt.

Illinois Railway Museum
Santa Fe heavyweight combine 2544
Santa Fe 2544

Out of service for the last 12 years. The seats have been reupholstered and the interior painted. The exterior has been waxed and polished. Completion probable in 2016.

Illinois Railway Museum
RI/CRANDIC coach 2612, then numerous internal blogs

Interior has been repainted, seats repaired, exterior
repainting and welding repairs are in progress.

Illinois Railway Museum
Michigan Electric interurban 28

Work just finished on completely rebuilding the roof; front end floor has been disassembled prior to steel and wood repair; side windows are being removed and refinished sequentially.

Illinois Railway Museum
Charles City Western steeple cab loco 300

12/29/16 Restoration in the home stretch. 2017 completion?

Illinois Railway Museum
Boston & Maine coach 1094


Interior restoration continues with removal of furnace installed during work car service and reinstallation of wall panelling and interior bulkheads.

Illinois Railway Museum
Burlington Northern E9 9908
IRM BN 9908

Rusted steel being cut out and replaced, body panels being removed to be replaced as part of a project to backdate the locomotive to CB&Q 9976.

Illinois Railway Museum
J. Neils Lumber Shay 5
IRM shay

12/29/16 The IRM magazine reports that the boiler work is done, most jacketing is on, and the new smokebox bottom completed. To be done: painting, air and steam lines, pilot beam,front coupler. Completion anticipated in 2017. 

Illinois Railway Museum
Union Pacific  2-8-0 428
 The cab is being reassembled and work on rebuilding the running gear is ongoing.

Illinois Railway Museum
Cleveland Transit System PCC 4223

Exterior almost complete. Interior not.

Illinois Railway Museum
Lake Shore Electric box trailer 810

 Close to completion in 2017.

Illinois Railway Museum
Baltimore & Ohio wagontop boxcar 374065


Illinois Railway Museum
Union Pacific gas-electric M-35


Indiana Transportation Museum
Nickel Plate 2-8-2 587
NKP 587


Indiana Transportation Museum Milwaukee Road F7 72


Iowa Railway Historical Society
Iowa Traction electric locomotive 53

Just acquired and moved to Boone.

Iowa Trolley Park
Replication of Virginia & Truckee 2-6-0 Lyon

V&T Lyon


Jamestown (NY) Street Railway
Jamestown Street Railway 93
Jamestown93 1

St. Louis-built 1926 single trucker in final stages of cosmetic restoration.

Kentucky Railway Museum
Louisville & Nashville 4-6-2 152
L&N 152

Disassembly has begun.

The Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR) has been retained to serve as consulting engineers


Lake Shore Railway Association
Nickel Plate 0-6-0 384


Recently, the smokestack and petticoat were repaired. We have also acquired a shop building to move the engine to that will protect it from the elements and give us a place to work on the engine. 
Lake Superior RR Museum
Northern Pacific 2-6-2 2435
NP 2-6-2
Cosmetic restoration underway
Libby (Montana) Heritage Museum
J. Neils Lumber Shay 4

Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum
Wabash F7 671


Cosmetic restoration

Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum
Chicago Burlington & Quincy Silver Dome

The first dome car is getting its interior restored. The museum just received a $5000 grant from the Dailey Foundation.
Maine Narrow Gauge Museum
Move to new museum site
Museum can remain at present site until 2017.
Maine Narrow Gauge Museum
Bridgton & Saco River 2-4-4T 7
maine narrow gauge

Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society
Ma & Pa diesel 82
Ma & Pa 82


Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society
45-ton GE diesel

March 2016: Complete rebuild underway at McHigh.

Mid-Continent Railway Museum
Duluth South Shore & Atlantic Barney & Smith sleeper Duluth

Recently moved to the museum and placed on trucks.

Mid-Continent Railway Museum
Chicago & North Western 4-6-0 1385


Mid-Continent Railway Museum
East Jordan & Southern 2
location and date unknown; L.B. Herren photo; Ted Schnepf collection, from Paul Swanson

location and date unknown; L.B. Herren photo; Ted Schnepf collection, from Paul Swanson


Milwaukee Road Shops (Sioux City)
Shops building restorations
Siouxland RR Museum

 5 of the 6 buildings complete. Some work on the roundhouse remaining.

Midwest Railway Preservation Society
Grand Trunk Western 2-8-2 4070

Minnesota Streetcar Museum
Winona streetcar 10 small
 Wiring is complete. The car made its first successful test run on 11-29-16. Interior being installed. Projected to enter regular service Fall 2017.

Minnesota Transportation Museum
Northern Pacific 4-6-0 328


Minnesota Transportation Museum
Northern Pacific 4-6-2 2156


Minnesota Transportation Museum
Reroof the Jackson Street Roundhouse
Jackson Street

$50,000 grant received in March 2015 from the BNSF Foundation.

Minnesota Transportation Museum
Great Northern parlor car 1084 Twin Ports
gn1084 twin Ports


Moffat Road Railroad Museum
Central Vermont wood coach
Moffat coach

This car closely resembles Moffat Road #385

Moffat Road Railroad Museum
Union Pacific wood caboose 2655
Moffat 1923UP caboose


Moffat Road Railroad Museum
Denver & Salt Lake wood shed
Moffat shed

Monticello Railway Museum
Illinois Central diner 4112

Monticello Railway Museum
Wabash steel caboose 2824


Monticello Railway Museum
Two Archer Daniels Midland tank cars


Monticello Railway Museum
Pennsylvania RR E8 5764

Being restored as an Illinois Central unit.

Museum of the American Railroad
Developing the Frisco museum site

 Three additional tracks under construction.

Museum of the American Railroad
Delaware & Hudson PA4 16

National Capital Trolley Museum
Capital Traction streetcar 522

Exterior completed.

National Railroad Museum
Atlantic Coast Line diner Dothan
1/15/17 Restoration has just begun.
Nevada Northern
Nevada Northern 2-8-0 81
Nov. 7, 2015. $1.2 million restoration just announced. Fundraising to begin.
Nevada State Railroad Museum (Boulder)
New visitor center and equipment pavilion
$469,000 appropriated by the state.
New England Steam Corporation
Maine Central 4-6-2 470
Locomotive has been moved to restoration site. Work shelter to be constructed.
New Hope Valley RR
Cliffside 2-6-2 110
 Website promises restoration page soon.
New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society
Santa Fe 4-8-4 2926
Operation possible in 2017. 
Niles Canyon Railway
Track extension to Pleasanton
Track laying underway on previously abandoned right of way.
Niles Canyon Railway
Kraus Maffei diesel hydraulic 9010, then sign up for email newsletterK-M 9010
Engine running again. 
North Carolina Museum of Transportation
Reroof and stabilize the 1896 Powerhouse
NCTM Powerhouse
 The Powerhouse is 2 PH on the map.The building has been stabilized, all steel sandblasted and repainted, brick work and window installation complete. Roof to be replaced in 2016.
North Carolina Museum of Transportation
East Tennessee & Western North Carolina narrow gauge triple combine 15
cosmetic restoration to backdate car to 1932 appearance. 
Northern Ohio Railway Museum
Shaker Heights Rapid Transit interurban 303
Shaker 303
Northern Ohio Railway Museum
String overhead wire and electrify railroad
 First overhead erected and energized. First electric operation. Additional 500 of overhead to be added in 2017.

Northern Pacific Railway Museum
Northern Pacific 4-6-0 1364’s%20new.htm

Northwest Railway Museum
Northern Pacific 0-6-0 924

Northwest Railway Museum
Messenger of Peace chapel car 5

Final coats of exterior paint being applied. Lettering comes next.
Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society
Petaluma & Santa Rosa caboose 1
Oklahoma Railway Museum
Site expansion
Oklahoma Railway Museum
Conoco tank car


Oklahoma Railway Museum
Missouri Kansas Texas inspection car 1054

3/2/16 Restoration has just begun.

Orange Empire Railway Museum
Santa Fe FP45 98

 The cab is being backdated to its 1967 configuration and the interior has been repainted.
Orange Empire Railway Museum
Southern Pacific SW1 1006
 The trucks have been removed for rebuilding.
Orange Empire Railway Museum
Perris track extension
Perris depot
 Construction started

Oregon Coast Historical Railway
Coos Bay Lumber 2-8-2 104


Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
Pickering Lumber Heisler 1


Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
Whitney Company 2-4-4-2 #7 “Skookum”


Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
New replica Southern Pacific depot

To be built in Garibaldi

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
Tillamook depot


Oregon Rail Heritage Center
Spokane, Portland & Seattle 4-8-4 700


Oregon Rail Heritage Center
Oregon Railroad & Navigation 4-6-2 197


Ottawa Streetcar 696 Restoration
Ottawa streetcar 696

This is a long term, complete restoration of a stripped carboy, undertaken by volunteers at OC Transpo’s shop.
Oyster Bay Railroad Museum
Long Island 4-6-0 35
Oyster Bay Railroad Museum
Restore Oyster Bay depot
Oyster Bay Railroad Museum
Long Island “Ping pong” coach 7433
Heavy restoration begun 2017.
Pacific Southwest Ry Museum
daylighting of Tunnel 3
Pacific Southwest Ry Museum
Coos Bay Lumber 2-8-2T 11
Coos Bay 11
 New “carport” restoration structure assembled outside the shop to house #11 during restoration.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
East campus expansion

 The Wexford Station project has been completed. PTM is acquiring land for land for a new access driveway to the East Campus.  Engineering for the access driveway and Trolley Street.  Construction will commence on both in 2017.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
West Penn curvedside interurban 832

The successful test run in Oct 2015 was the first time the car has run since 1954!  Since then, flooring, ceiling, wood side panels and seats have been installed.  Work continues on the wiring and doors.  We expect the car to be completed in 2018.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
Philadelphia streetcar 8042


Pittsburgh Railways crane car M283

The car is getting metal tub repairs, new wiring and air piping and a new cab roof. The trucks have been rebuilt.

Pueblo Railroad Museum
Santa Fe 4-8-4 2912

cosmetic restoration

Quincy Mine Hoist Association
Quincy & Torch Lake engine house

Quincy roundhouse

The enginehouse roof and doors have been replaced and the stone walls repaired and stabilized. There is one track inside the building. 

Quincy Mine Hoist Association
Quincy & Torch Lake 2-8-0 6
(see above photo)

Engine has been painted black. Cab under construction. Tender rebuilt and stored inside engine house.
Railtown 1897
Sierra 2-8-0 28
Sierra 28
Railroad Museum of Long Island
Long Island 4-6-0 39
Long Island 39
Railroad Museum of Long Island
Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal 0-6-0T 16
Railroad Museum of New England
Canadian National coach
Railroad Museum of New England
Acquisition of southern parcel of the Plume and Atwood brass complex
Railroad Museum of New England
Boston & Maine caboose C72RRMNE BM_472

Ridgway Railroad Museum
Rio Grande business car C


Rochester & Genessee Valley Railroad Museum
Rochester Subway interurban 60


Rochester & Genessee Valley Railroad Museum
Lehigh Valley steel caboose 95100
LV caboose

Feb. 2016: $3000 grant just received from Tom Dailey Foundation 

Rochester & Genessee Valley Railroad Museum
New York Central caboose 19877


Rockhill Trolley Museum
Philadelphia PCC car 2743

Car is being backdated to 1960 appearance. Exterior is complete. Interior now underway.

Rockhill Trolley Museum
Chicago Aurora & Elgin interurban 315

One of the restoration goals is to backdate the car to its original appearance, including rebuilding the stained glass window arches.

Rosenberg Railroad Museum
Missouri Pacific caboose 13591


San Antonio Railroad Heritage Museum
Texas & New Orleans 2-8-2 794


San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum
Pacific Coast Ry. 1200-series wood boxcar


Sarnia Historical Society
Canadian National 4-8-2 6069

Cosmetic restoration.
Seashore Trolley Museum
Portland-Lewiston interurban 14 Narcissus

To follow the restoration, go to

Seashore Trolley Museum
Boston Elevated 6131
Seashore Boston el
Seashore Trolley Museum
Philadelphia Rapid Transit 6618
Seashore PRT 6618
Seashore Trolley Museum
Eastern Massachusetts 4387
Seashore Eastern Mass
Seashore Trolley Museum
Cleveland Railways trailer 2365
Seashore Trolley Museum
New Jersey Transit PCC 5
Seashore NJT 5
Seashore Trolley Museum
Lexington & Boston streetcar 41
Seashore 41
Seashore Trolley Museum
Toronto streetcar 2890
Seashore 2890
Seashore Trolley Museum
Rochester Peter Witt streetcar 1213
Seashore 1213
Seashore Trolley Museum
Bay State streetcar 4175
Seashore 4175
Shore Line Trolley Museum
Elevating the Collection, then look for the latest ETripper newsletter
Branford map small
Two new carbarns completed. The track connection complete.
Shore Line Trolley Museum
Motor repairs from hurricane flooding

12/29/16 10 cars done, 10 in process, 12 with temporary repairs in service awaiting permanent motor work, 7 funded cars awaiting work. 16 others need work.

Shore Line Trolley Museum
Johnstown streetcar 356
Johnstown 356

Nearing completion

Society for the Preservation of Carter Brothers Resources
North Western Pacific caboose 6101
Southeastern Railway Museum
Southern E8 6901
Southern 6901
Southern Appalachia Railway Museum
Southern coach “Fort McPherson”
Ft McPherson
Interior restoration. Photo is sister car Fort Oglethorpe.
Southern Michigan Railroad Society
Ann Arbor Alco RS1 21
Ann Arbor
Engine hasn’t run in 20 years. Plan is opertaion late 2015, haul passengers in 2016.
Boston & Maine 4-6-2 3713
Returning the dormant railroad to service
 Trains are running on the first mile west from Stewartstown. Track work to old iron bridge underway.
Strasburg Rail Road
B&O wood coach
Strasburg B&O coach
Note: Car was cocooned in wood, still attached to the car end. See series of articles on the restoration.
Sumpter Valley
Eccles Lumber Heisler 3
Sumpter Valley Heisler 3
Sumpter Valley
Sumpter Valley boxcar 1353
Sumpter valley1353
Tennessee Valley RR Museum
Southern E8 6914TVRM E8

Texas Railroading Heritage Museum
Move to new Tomball museum site

 Site agreement reached with the City of Tomball.

Travel Town
Santa Fe gas-electric M-177


Travel Town
Little Nugget lounge car
Little Nugget

Trolley Museum of New York
Electrify the demonstration railroad
United Railway Historical Society of New Jersey
New Jersey Transit U34CH 3372
U. S. Sugar Corporation
Florida East Coast 4-6-2 148

Walkersville Southern
Southern Pacific solarium business car Meadowlark

Business car meadowlark under restoration.


West Coast Railway Assn.
Pacific Great Eastern business car Northern Summit

 Fund raising for restoration underway.

West Coast Railway Assn.
Canadian Pacific Baldwin DRS 4-4-1000 8000
CP 8000

West Coast Railway Assn.
Canadian National FP9 6520
 Mechanical work is complete. Body work to be completed summer 2016.
West Coast Railway Assn.
Great Northern transfer caboose X-180
Worst Coast Railway Assn.
Garden Tracks shelter
Open air shelter over three tracks, which will protect 15 rail cars. $72,000 in grant money raised to date.
West Coast Railway Assn
 Wiring underway.

Western Maryland Scenic RR
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2 1309
C&O 1309

 Completion anticipated in 2018.

Western Maryland Scenic RR
Western Maryland business car 204

At this point, substantially all of the car’s interior light fixtures, hardware, furniture, and removable interior elements have been removed, tagged, given initial conservation treatment, and securely stored. WMSR staff has dried out the interior, stabilized the car, and prepared it for the next phases of work.

Western Michigan Society for Industrial Heritage
Pennsylvania sleeper 493827

For use as handicapped accessible car

Western Pacific Railroad Museum
Western Pacific 0-6-0 165



Western Pacific Railroad Museum
Western Pacific Alco S-4 563


Western Pacific Railroad Museum
Western Pacific dome car 832


Western Pacific Railroad Museum
Whitman Display Building

The museum is fundraising to buy an existing 100 by 200 foot steel building at a greatly reduced price. If successful, it will house about 20 pieces of rolling stock that are currently stored outdoors.
Western Ry Museum
Key System streetcar 271
Key System 271
 Finished installing new framing on one end of the car, new tongue and groove paneling inside. The front windows have been reglazed and installed, and electrical wiring in the front wall is being replaced.
Western Ry Museum
Sacramento Northern diesel 146
SN 146
Western Railway Museum
“Destination Molena” .5 mile track rehab and overhead wire construction
Design measurements underway to locate historic overhead pole locations.

Whippany Railway Museum
Virginia Blue Ridge 0-6-0 4039
Whippany 0-6-0


Whippany Railway Museum
Delaware Lackawanna & Western MU club car 3454
Whippany DLW clubcar

Windows completed. 

White Pass & Yukon
WP&Y 2-8-0 69
WPY 69

Whitewater Valley
Chicago & North Western commuter combine 7718
DSC05682-combine 9
 Having corroded aluminum side panels replaced by riveted steel in the worst places, also a new baggage door and steps being rebuilt or repaired. Two replacement wheelsets on the way this week, for rebuilding one of the trucks.  Hope to have in service this summer.
Wilmington & Western
Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic 0-6-0 58
W&W 58
1472-day inspection

Winnipeg Railway Museum
Winnipeg streetcar 356

Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington
Bridgeton & Saco River boxcar 67, then About the Museum, then Major Projects
 Fund raising under way.

Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington
New boilers for locos 9 and 10

Youngstown Steel Heritage
Jones & Laughlin 23″ gauge 0-4-0T 58

Restoration to operation with a planned completion date of spring, 2017.  Work taking place at the Carrie Furnaces National Historic Landmark in Pittsburgh, PA.  Frame to be rebuilt by Reichard Industries, boiler work contracted to JS Company with both components to be shipped to the respective shops in October, 2015.   Saddle tank and driver sets to be restored over the winter. New tender under construction. New set of grates have been cast.