HeritageRail Conferences

HeritageRail sponsors a conference every Spring and Fall, offering educational programs and takeaways for attendees.

Download the President’s 2018 Annual Meeting                         presentation HERE


To help offset the costs of attending the Fall Conference, HeritageRail Alliance offers The Next Generation Scholarship and the Stephen E. Patrick Memorial Stipend to qualified member-candidates.

Congratulations to our 2018 winners, Kristen Fredriksen (Southeastern Railway Museum) and Elizabeth Rudrud (Northwest Railway Museum).

Click below for more information and applications for the 2019 Fall Conference to be held in Squamish, British Columbia, September 18-21, 2019.  The deadline for all Fall 2019 submissions is August 1, 2019.


NOVEMBER 7-11 • 2018 CUMBRES & TOLTEC Chama/Santa Fe, New Mexico

HeritageRail conferences are held in a variety of interesting cities across the United States and Canada with great sightseeing and numerous regional activities (many members make the conferences an extended vacation).

To help offset the costs of attending the Fall conference, HeritageRail offers scholarships and stipends to qualified member applicants. For learning opportunities, a friendly atmosphere, and good conversation with others who love the rails, the HeritageRail conferences are can’t miss events!