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Restoring a Southern E8

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By Robert Frye, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Above photo by Harrison Rogers Reproduced with permission from the TVRM Smoke & Cinders newsletter. It all started with a birthday party. And,…

Big progress in Silverton

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor The Durango Railroad Historical Society has really been cranking out the restorations over the last few years. It moved Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow…

Railcamp 2018

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By Logan Dahir Reproduced with permission from the Washington DC Chapter NRHS Timetable. Ever since 2010 I had been interested in RailCamp. I saw an ad for it online and…


Seashore’s annual report

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor Covering large museums is a challenge. There's so much going on, with incremental progress on so many long-term projects that it's hard to summarize. Seashore…

New grant to fund PTM facilities

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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has announced a $2,500,000 Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant for the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum to construct a new Welcome & Education Center on its campus in Washington,…

L.C.L September 2

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The first of the Nickel Plate Express' ex-Santa Fe hi-level cars has arrived. This is the replacement operator that has replaced the Indiana Transportation Museum. Service is scheduled to begin…


Spring 2018 HRA Conference in Strasburg

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor The Strasburg Rail Road hosted the HeritageRail Alliance 2018 Spring conference, with plenty of cooperation from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, located across the street.…

HRA visits Minneapolis

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor The HeritageRail Alliance annual Fall Conference traveled north to the Twin Cites of Minneapolis-St. Paul, hosted by the Minnesota Streetcar Museum. The conference featured three…

Annual HRA Awards

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At the Fall conference in Minneapolis, the HeritageRail Alliance presented its annual slate of awards. Significant Achievement Awards These are given for restorations and other large capital project completed in…


Leaders for the 21st Century

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Every current member of the Board of Directors will tell you that our biggest organizational concern is succession.  We’re all getting older.  Many of the Directors will not seek another…