Railroads were the key that unlocked the 20th Century.

Discover how we're celebrating and saving our railroad heritage

Railways played a key role in the development of communities across the United States and Canada and throughout the world. Railway museums and tourist railroads interpret this exciting and pivotal history, and provide an opportunity for the public to experience rail travel as it once was.

HeritageRail Alliance fosters the development and operation of these unique preservation efforts through education, research, and the free exchange of information among members.





A PCC II for the holidays

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Reproduced with permission from the Streamliner newsletter. SEPTA Holiday Car, PCC II 2331 has been decorated by Callowhill operator Gary Mason. Gary has been decorating trolleys since 1993. He and…

The Wheels O’ Time Museum

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By Thomas Dyrek Illinois is home to several museums that do not call themselves a “railroad museum” but display a nice collection of railroad related items. Among them is the…

Three late breaking 2018 achievements

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor The previous three posts listed the significant achievements of 2018, only we missed these that surfaced afterward. If you're a regular reader, you'll recall several…