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For Sale–narrow gauge streetcar

By July 25, 2018HeritageRail News

Los Angeles Electric Railway Trolley, 42″ track gauge

Built in 1894 as a short open benched trolley for the Los Angeles Electric Railway. Rebuilt at some point in its life and the frame was extended with additional bench seating and the center of the car was enclosed.

The current owner acquired the car in 1993 and it was converted to a gas powered excursion trolley. The hour meter currently has 1,410.3 hours since and the car is powered by a 1965 six-cylinder Corvair engine that was rebuilt in 1993. The power is transmitted from the engine initially through a PowerGlide automatic transmission which is connected by a sprocket and chain drive to a standard 4-speed manual truck transmission.

For low speed operation the manual transmission is manually shifted into 1st gear. For normal operation the manual transmission is manually shifted into fourth gear. At 1,700 RPM this results In a ground speed of 10 to 12 miles per hour. After the power enters the 4-speed transmission it goes through the gearbox to a sprocket on the outlet side of the manual transmission. It is then connected by chain to a large sprocket on the left front wheel. This gear reduction allows the vehicle to run easily fully loaded at the lower RPM noted above. The vehicle weighs 8 tons (16,000 pounds), it has a belt driven air compressor for the air brakes and hand brakes at both ends.

Weight (tons): 10

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